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National Rescue And Safety Boat Services

Welcome to Safety Boat Services UK.

Safety Boat Services UK are a leading safety and rescue boat company providing safety cover and support to construction, engineering, media and event companies throughout the UK.

Our commercially registered vessels and skippers are available for hire and rental on offshore and inshore coastal waters and both tidal and non tidal waterways.....including lakes, reservoirs, marshes, canals, rivers, docks, ports, marinas, streams and even ponds.

With strategically placed storage facilities across the UK we are well placed to mobilise within short notice.

Our work boats can be on site providing rescue and safety cover, inspection and survey, or water access services within a few hours.

Our teams are highly trained and all hold commercial boat master certification, first aid, medicals, vhf etc as standard.

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Health And Safety Near Water Environments

Working on, over or near water should be taken very seriously find more information on the health and safety legislation regarding water safety. Water safety

Safety Boat Services UK

Welcome To Safety Boat Services UK

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